Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Rant on Big Pharma

Big Pharma To Try Their Hand at the Table

I knew it would happen. The whole world...or "one in five Americans" will probably start running to a new drug for autoimmunity now being researched by Big Pharma. A quick fix seems so much easier than some good, old fashioned, food discipline. So many peeps can change their diet and would essentially have little or no need for a drug that is sure to carry a hefty pricetag. (See the link? That's alot of research dollars...) People seem to be worried about the cost of being/eating healthy. They ask me how much my grocery bill is now that we don't eat grains (and I can say with certainty that it's not as costly as continuing to eat the foods that irritated my system)- but I wonder how many of those same people will pay whatever it costs for a manufactured drug to reduce or remove their symptoms. I really wonder. I heard long ago that you will pay a price your your health... now or later, but you will pay a price. I chose to pay for health now, as opposed to disease later. You?

I also heard Chris Kresser from The Healthy Skeptic speak on a podcast with Robb Wolf. He speaks of another drug coming up- and how it will work. You can listen to that podcast here. It's toward the end of the hour- but there's good stuff up until that point too.

Why did Big Pharma come to the table? Because so many people have been suffering for so long with autoimmunity? Sort-of. "So many people" is pharm-speak for "lots of money."  From the article- "There are more than 80 different types of autoimmune disorders1, and approximately 50 million Americans, or one in five people, suffer from autoimmune diseases."

Lets multiply "50 million" peeps by the average cost of a highly sought after, new, non-generic drug. Hmmm. The potenial for income is staggering. -So is the strain on our health insurance premium- but that's another rant.
It would be cheaper for our health care system to educate people on grain, dairy, and legume-free eating. But alas, that doesn't make those drug companies money. And if people steered clear of grains, the US would lose money too. So, they try to solve a problem by adding a step, instead of removing one. That way, the money still abounds- for them.

The drug they come up with may help people, granted...this remains to be seen. But I just can't help but think about true health- where your body uses it's God-given ability to heal itself by eating the foods necessary for it's optimal function. Where there is no need for a prescription drug. Wouldn't that be a better option?  If one could be used in place of the other, I'm pretty sure God would rather me simply eat meat and veggies than pop a pill everyday.

Think about a diabetic that eats foods he knows he shouldn't and uses insulin as a crutch. Insulin brings down the high glucose, sure. But meanwhile, behind the scenes, that havoc is still unleashed. The high and low blood glucoses continue to cause problems on his extremities, eyeballs, weight, triglyceriges, you-name-it, etc. The insulin is necessary, but it does not HEAL.
A Paleo-type diet helps HEAL- and without side-effects, too boot.

Parents with autoimmunity- I implore you. Your children unfortunately can follow in your autoimmune footsteps. If at all possible in your particular health issue, don't teach them to rely on Big Pharma. Give them the knowledge and power to choose to eat foods that will help them stay healthy, as well as correct unhealthiness. Show them how important it is for their lives- even when you are not around. They pay attention and (mostly) believe what we say. :-)

Something to think about.

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  1. I feel like I am going crazy with levothyroxine. It feels like I'm on speed and not good. But when I tried other natural thyroid supplements , my heart beats became normal unlike before.


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