Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year 2012!

It's been too long since I've updated this blog of mine. Starting this year off right, I will be working on a post that will include several lab results. Some good, some not-so-much. It's been a year of experimenting while simply just living my life. It feels as though I've been "There and Back Again" -sometimes frustrated beyond measure. Other times I just rest easy knowing that no matter what happens, I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and dog-gone-it...people like me. (In genuine Stuart Smalley speak.)

Here's what's new since my last post:

My Primary MD and I fired each other. He thought I was closed minded (AYKM?!), and I was dismayed he wouldn't even look into a gluten-free diet as being helpful for autoimmunity. See ya later, sucka.

I found a new doctor- A DO (Doctor of Osteopathic) who is willing to be open to all sorts of new things for me. He is looking into the Paleo diet, Low Dose Naltrexone, glutathione...and ran a fractionated cholesterol panel instead of the basic old way of checking it. (I think he may have simply been curious about how the paleo diet affects the particle sizes.) In short- I think I found a doctor that accepts insurance, doesn't think I'm crazy (I shouldn't assume this), and is willing to work with me (at least so far).

My dose of Levothyroxine has changed a couple of times. Last you knew, I was on 100 mcg that I started to cut in half (50 mcg) because my antibodies were nice and low and my TSH was low. This didn't work out as planned, so I went back on my 100 mcg. Future labs showed my TSH went lower than ever, so I requested it be lowered just to 88 mcg about 8 weeks ago. This was my dose even today.
However, I will be picking up a new script in 2 days for West-Throid (Nature-throid). I don't know my dose yet. I was switched to this because my T3 was low this most recent go-round with my new DO. I don't recall ever having low T3 in the past.

I am now (as of January 2012) on a more normal shift at the hospital of 11A-11P (I was 3P-3A), so hopefully my adrenals will be thankful, and I will feel much more...well...normal. I just started it, so I have nothing to report as of yet.

I have still been 100% gluten-free (that I know of). I still continued to eat dairy in very rare, small amounts. My coffee intake skyrocketed when my partner in crime, Anthony, made my morning coffee with a coconut milk frothy whip... topped with pumpkin pie spice, just in time for fall. The recipe was from Jen's Gone Paleo. I was FINE drinking it once or twice a week, black with coconut oil... until this. Up to Jan 1st 2012, I was drinking it with the froth...um...everyday. Whoops. Talk about backsliding.

I haven't been able to get in a good workout since what feels like forever. It was August when I backed off and only worked out 3 times in the entire month. I did something to my right hip/butt back in the May timeframe. It got worse and worse, and in August it hit a threshold high enough for me to make many appointments with some doctors. It would hurt incredibly bad after being in the sitting position for a sustained 15-20 minutes. Driving was the absolute pits. It was so bad I'd have to get out of the car to stand up. I'd forgo the chair at the doctor's office and stand while waiting. I tried Active Release Technique (ART) that helped to a point, but plateued. MRI of my back looks just fine. I've been going to Physical therapy 2-3x/week since October. Ultrasound seemed to help a great deal. I improved so much that it didn't hurt to sit anymore, only to bend forward, knees bent, then straighten my knees while standing (like a deadlift). However, we (PT and I) changed treatments thinking we fixed one problem- and something flared up again. So, now I still have some pain to sit and/or cross my legs- but it's in a little bit of a different spot. The therapist was perplexed, thinking it was my piriformis, a ligament, or possibly a labrum tear. My last and final therapy treatment was on December 30th (thanks to insurance). I'll be slowly going back to some basic movements with little to no weight here in January. I'm going to have to overcome the mental hurdle that's there now, too. You know, the same one that told me a couple years ago that I wasn't overweight, so why should I worry about pushing myself? Yeah- it returned. I know how much better I feel inside when strength training and conditioning, so it's just up to me to make my start date and follow through on a basic plan. The good news is, I can still do some dead hang pull-ups, thanks to the doorway pull-up bar in my closet. :)

Diane from Balanced Bites started a 21 Day Sugar Detox group (#21DSD is the hashtag to follow if you are on Twitter) on Jan 2nd that I'm a part of. My plan is to further this to 8 weeks or more, but after 21 days, I may allow a small amount of fruit again. My plan will then be much like the Whole 30.
I've also decided to cut back on the coffee again. No more than 2-3 times a week. These next few weeks should be a blast, right?! No sugar, no coffee... Hey, at least I'll have a better schedule!

I'll get Anthony to help me make a chart of my labs to share with you all in the next day or two.

Maybe I'll even think of a little workout to do tomorrow.



  1. I want to know who your new DO is. My hubby wants me to take a break from chiropractic/homeopathic "quackery" for a while, and seeing someone covered by insurance would be really nice!

  2. I have little to no insurance (a basic negotiated rate plan for a family doc)... and am intrigued by your blog that I found via Rob on Facebook.

    I came about to hypothyroid via two rounds of RA for Graves Disease years ago... so dealing with "never getting this quite right" in what seems like forever.

    Had the funds years ago to see an "alternative" md... which was refreshing, but expensive. And at the time I was told I also had adrenal fatigue... plus of course, menopause was making itself known, too. (no surprises, based on what was going on in my life).

    Unfortunately, I'm terrible at sticking to strict regimes, like gluten free, etc., as I just don't know if it will work or help. But maybe If I can truly believe I'll feel better and more "normal"... I could stick to it.

    I'm very intrigued and interested in the blood work you had done. I can't seem to get my family doc to really think much outside the box, but can't afford a specialist. :(

    Anyway... going to tune in here and see how you do. And, if you are in my area (Tampa Bay, FL)... would love to know who this doc is you found.

    Also... regarding your knees and back, etc etc. One of my clients (they are in CT, though)... are a highly respected functional movement and gait analysis specialists... for athletes, yes, but really for anyone that sounds like come bio mechanics might be at play... Check them out here, and if you email them, tell them Christine Tabor sent you... :) www.pursuitathtleticperformance.com
    These guys are great...

    Looking forward to your posts...
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for the comment! Read as much free stuff as you can, educating yourself on alternative therapies- Chris Kresser has so much to offer on his website and podcasts. Then maybe look for a DO instead of an MD in your area? They may be more open to your body as being whole, and not separate parts. I had a "meet and greet" with my DO before I agreed to have an actual paid appointment. I went prepared with questions, and told him what I was looking for in a doctor. I asked him if he'd be willing to research gluten and autoimmunity- if he didn't already know of the connection. I went in a little educated, and feeling much better than I used to, (He couldn't really argue with success) ...I think that helped.

  3. You can buy bovine thyroid online but you still have be careful when purchasing them on the Internet, who knows you might get one of those fake ones.

  4. Danj kuxifu@gmail.comApril 5, 2012 at 11:32 PM

    Hi Wendy,

    I appreciate you sharing your progress, it is really helpful. After reading your blog I am going to try a gluten free diet.

    My story so far:
    I was on 150 Levothyroxine, everything was going okay, I didn't feel normal, but better than when I was un-medicated.

    One day after doing some reading I decided to cease all iodine intake (no seaweed, fish oil, etc, no foods fortified with iodine) and started taking selenium and B complex 5 days a week, and did exercise more days than not. After a month of this I ended up experiencing symptoms of graves disease and my doctor took me off Levothyroxine all together.

    It has now been two months off medication and on average I feel okay. There was a week about three weeks post ceasing Levo that I felt amazing, unfortunately it didn't last. However, now the only symptom of Hashimoto's that bothers me is occasional brain fog and memory issues. Last week I started taking Astragalus three times a week (it was recommended by an Endocrinologist). And I've started taking Flaxseed oil. I am yet to notice any improvement with these yet, though my dose is low at the moment.

    I have a blood test and doctor review in a months time. So it should enough time to see if the gluten free diet has an effect.

    Thanks again.

    1. What labs are they testing? Even being GF, my TSH waxes and wanes. I've yet to find (and stay in) the sweet spot. I am unsure how going off your medicine cold turkey will be of much benefit. It is likely we Hashi's people will need a supplement of some dose. Have you read Dr. K's book? My blood sugars/carb intake are generally tell-tale of how I feel...more so than my thyroid levels. This is a lengthy process. No sense in rushing. Take your time and truly learn how to recognize where you are moving in the right direction, and what is harming your progress. :)

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